Jubilee of Mercy

Divine Mercy Celebration Thank You/Gracias

Divine Mercy Celebration In the journey of our Life, God is always with us. He shows his mercy, love and compassion to his children. Let us give thanks to God for this great opportunity to receive his mercy during this year. Remember this mercy year ends on November 20, you still have chance to obtain indulgencies. Today I would […]

Reminder: Divine Mercy Celebration 10.25-10.28

Divine Mercy Celebration / Celebrando la Divina Misericordia 10.25-10.28 Divine Mercy Celebration Let us conclude this year of mercy swimming into the Love of God our Father. Saint Agustine always said: “if we know more, we love more.” Come and learn more about the mercy of God. Special guests speakers will be sharing their knowledge […]

Pilgrimage Church- – English/Español

Bishop Robert Vasa has designated St Mary Immaculate Catholic Church as one of five pilgrimage churches for the Diocese. (Mercy and Plenary Indulgence Handouts (English/Español) are available in the church entry way) Find out MORE at St Mary Immaculate Door of Mercy and Plenary Indulgences In order to receive a plenary indulgence by visiting a pilgrimage church, Catholics […]

Jubilee Day for Youth / Día Jubilar de la Juventud

Jubilee Year of Mercy April 24, 2016 Fifth Sunday of Easter Jubilee Day for Youth This Sunday’s “Youth Jubilee” previews July’s World Youth Day in Krakow. Its theme from Matthew 5:7, “Blessed are the merciful,” echoes Pope Francis’ warning that “the practice of mercy is waning in the wider culture.” In countercultural witness, therefore, “the […]

Year of Mercy – 01.17.16 – English/Spanish

January 17, 2016- Second Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mary, whom Catholic tradition names “Mother of Mercy,” at Cana intercedes with her Son to show mercy toward the bridal couple: “Son, they have no wine.” But he does more! Jesus’ transformation of water into wine is a “sign” (John’s term for “miracle”) that God’s marriage with […]

Jubilee Year of Mercy – 01.03.16

Jubilee Year of Mercy    January 3, 2016 – The Epiphany of the Lord In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Epiphany celebrates God’s mercy shining on the magi from a guiding star. Their kingdoms were far from Jerusalem, their religions far from God’s covenant with Israel. At first the star led the magi to Jerusalem, where […]

Jubilee Year of Mercy – 12.27.15

Jubilee Year of Mercy December 27, 2015 –  Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Imagine: three New Year’s celebrations in little over a month! In late November, Advent began the new liturgical year; December 8, the Jubilee Year of Mercy; this coming Friday, the New Year 2016. In today’s Gospel, after […]