Sharing Traditions-Compartiendo Tradiciones

Next Saturday January 7 after 5 p.m. Mass We invite you to participate in our Community Potluck. We will be sharing the traditional “Rosca de Reyes” an Hispanic tradition full of meaning. Bring your dish to share and let us continue celebrating the Salvation of God for our lives. Este proximo Sabado 7 de Enero, despues de […]

To All Our Community/A toda la comunidad

St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, Fr. Mario and Staff members, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the Lord, Bless your hearths and family with abundance of Grace. Thank you for all your support to our Parish. St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, Padre Mario y todos los trabajadores de St. Marys les deseamos una muy Feliz navidad […]

Christmas Our Traditions / Tradiciones – English/Español

TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION An old joke asks, “What time is Midnight Mass?” The answer is not really obvious, since Christmas is unique in having several distinct celebrations. The readings and prayers vary greatly from hour to hour. The Vigil Mass hinges on the family heritage of Jesus and his origins. The concept of “midnight” predates clock time, and really has to do […]