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Our Traditions / Tradiciones – English/Español

TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION If you could somehow transport a third-century Christian into your twenty-first-century Sunday Mass, once the initial shock wore off he or she would be more or less at home with the structure of the first part of the liturgy, the Word. The second part might be more difficult to comprehend. The stumbling block would be the book. […]

Bible Study

Please Join us for Bible study to learn more about your faith in God and have a personal encounter with the Lord. Every Tuesday @ St. Peter’s Church Course starts on: June 6th @ 9:30 am Estudio de Biblia en St. Mary Todos los lunes a partir de Junio 5 @ 7:00 pm en español.

Our Traditions / Tradiciones – English/Español

TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION The custom of genuflection is not found everywhere in the Catholic Church. In fact, it is a bit of breach of etiquette to genuflect in most Eastern Catholic Churches. If you’re visiting an Eastern Catholic or an Orthodox church, the “when in Rome” rule should be adopted. Watch what the home team is doing! Usually, Eastern Catholics […]

Lake County Passion Play – May 20th & 21st

The Lake County Outdoor Passion Play is preparing for its 37th annual performance weekend. The performance of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ takes place on the 3rd weekend in May at 4pm. Come join us at the beautiful Passion Play grounds, located at 7010 Westlake Road, Upper Lake, CA 95485 (off Highway 29, north of Lakeport in Lake County). For more information, […]

Our Traditions / Tradiciones – English/Español

TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION The fact that many monastic churches do not have a prominent tabernacle shapes the patterns of liturgical prayer. Monastic communities often protect the ancient value of “receiving from the same sacrifice,” meaning that the communicants are assured that what they eat and drink in the Holy Mysteries actually comes from the same celebration. It surprises many to learn […]