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Our Traditions / Tradiciones – English/Español

TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION Some monks and nuns trace their community origins back a thousand years or so, before it became customary to reserve the Blessed Sacrament in tabernacles. In their rules of life, which evolved from the lifestyle and prayer of their predecessors, the core experience of Christ’s presence is at the altar itself, and in the symbol of […]

Our Traditions / Tradiciones – English/Español

The origins of the custom of burning a lamp before the tabernacle are in Jewish worship, where a lamp called ner tamid or “eternal flame” burns before the ark in every synagogue. The ark contains the sacred scrolls of the Torah. The flame represents the menorah in the Temple, and therefore is never extinguished. In fact, the word “tabernacle” itself is […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter The resurrection of the Lord is the core of our faith. Knowing that we also will rise give us understanding and meaning for our lives. Our sufferings, struggles and efforts have a sense in our journey. When we lost the meaning and intention of our daily activities, namely being wife, mother, husband, father, […]

Attention Servers! Holy Week Master Schedule

Attention Attention To all the servers in the Church (Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Altar Servers, Sacristans, Ushers and more…) PLEASE SEE THE HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE POSTED ON THE BULLETIN BOARD at CHURCH This is the Master Schedule to avoid confusion. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me at 707-263-4401. Thank you for your service Atte. […]