Posts from June 2016

Camp “12” July 5th – 8th

CAMP “Twelve” Jr. High Outdoor Adventure Camp. JULY 5-8!! Incoming 7th, 8th, 9th, graders explore the presence of Christ in their lives and learn more about how to put their Catholic Faith into practice. Ideal for newly Confirmed or candidates (formerly Camp RAD) Please contact the Office of Youth Ministry, (707)566-3371 or visit the Diocese website at

Pilgrimage Church- – English/Español

Bishop Robert Vasa has designated St Mary Immaculate Catholic Church as one of five pilgrimage churches for the Diocese. (Mercy and Plenary Indulgence Handouts (English/Español) are available in the church entry way) Find out MORE at St Mary Immaculate Door of Mercy and Plenary Indulgences In order to receive a plenary indulgence by visiting a pilgrimage church, Catholics […]

Our Traditions / Tradiciones – English/Español

TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION It’s almost midsummer day! One of the great hidden treasures of our liturgical calendar occurs this week. There are only three “nativity” feasts on our calendar: for the Lord, the Blessed Mother (September 8), and the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist on June 24. Friday’s date is anchored by the Annunciation (March 25), when […]

Diocese Summer Youth Ministry

Santa Rosa Diocese Summer Youth Ministry Eureka Mission Trip June 27th – July 1st Ages 14-23 to register or for more info click here Camp 12: an Apostolic Encounter July 5th – July 8th Incoming 7th, 8th & 9th Graders to register or for more info click here  Youth On a Mission 2016 July 14th […]

Tradiciones de Nuestra Fe – Español

El día 9 de junio del año 1597, falleció el jesuita José de Anchieta proveniente de las Islas Canarias, España. Este santo “apóstol de Brasil” fue beatificado en 1980 gracias a sus grandes esfuerzos hu-manitarios, literarios y evangelizadores en Brasil. Llegó a Brasil en 1553 donde aprendió Tupí, el idioma de los nativos. Enseñaba a […]

Treasures from our Traditions – English

Unless Professor Einstein’s theory of relativity can be translated into any useful kind of time-travel, most of our clues about life in the early church will have to come from ancient letters and ancient prayer texts. A prayer text from a dusty library may yield, for example, an understanding of what “presbyters” actually did. We […]